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House Rules


House rules are to be followed at ALL times even if you are the only one here!

  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink.

  • Do not leave your clothes, shoes, bags or other personal belongs in the living room or shared spaces.

  • Do not give your door code to anyone.

  • Be considerate during TV time - volume and usage 

  • Smoking is only allowed OUTSIDE. Drinking is allowed with respect to others. However, heavy intoxication will get you removed from the property.

  • No guest inside the house. For the protection and safety of everyone living here

  • candles and open flames are strictly prohibited. 

  • Keep your area tidy, make your bed and keep your possessions orderly and Sheets are your responsibility to maintain during your stay.

  • Limit your possessions to what will fit in your provided bins (closet & pantry), your roller bag space under your bed, and your assigned closet space.

  • Do not pull bags through the house and be careful not to hit the walls or doors while carrying them through. 

  • Everyone contributes to the accumulation of waste, take your turn putting out the trash. 

  • Please turn off all lights and lock doors when leaving.

  • All canned and dry goods need to be stored in your food bin with your name on it in the designated food storage area. 

  • Anything that you store in the refrigerator or freezer must have a name and date on it. (All food left at the end of every month, will be trashed, unless  previous noticed was given otherwise)

  • All leftovers, opened containers or anything that has the potential to leak (packaged
    meats etc.) must be in a Ziploc bag with your name and date.

  • Make certain the food and beverages you consume belong to you.

  • I will NOT eat on the couch or store food of any kind within the bedrooms. This invites unwanted critters, and I understand that food left out in the open, food wrappers, or eating in the bedroom is strictly prohibited.

  • I am expected to assist with trash. I understand that I am responsible for emptying trash receptacles, and that bags must be tied off (NO LOOSE TRASH ITEMS PLEASE) and placed in the designated trash area outside. Trash needs to be placed onto the curb no earlier than 5PM the previous evening.

  • Do not leave any personal items in the showers or anywhere in the bathrooms. 

  • Please be courteous and clean up after yourself. Clean up any mess you make inclusive of splatter on the mirror and faucet, hair clippings, toothpaste in the sink, etc. Wipe bathroom countertops after each use.

  • Cleanup your hair after shaving, showering and washing your hair. Please remove hair from shower drain after each use.  We pride ourselves on having a clean and comfortable Crashpad. Excessive messiness in any area will not be tolerated.

  • Where shower curtains are present, pull closed after use to allow proper drying and prevent mildew.

  • ONLY toilet paper and human waste is to be flushed. All other items go in the trash.

  • Don’t leave dirty/wet towels on the floors or beds. 

  • Quiet hours are from 9:00pm - 8:00am.  Please refrain from taking/making calls in the bedrooms during this time. 

  • Please sleep in your bed.  The living room is a common area space for everyone.  It is not a bedroom and should not be used for sleeping.

  • Please do not put luggage on the beds. This soils the linens.

  • Do not switch assigned rooms or beds without prior request. The bed you may be using may already be assigned. 

  • Please get ready in the bathrooms, the Image Nook or other common areas and be respectful of others who are sleeping.

  • Remove clothing from washer and dryer expeditiously, when completed. 

  • Hang ironing board up after use.

  • Clean dryer vent every load.

  • When there is inclement weather, if the driveway hasn’t been serviced yet, use the provided shovel and salt to clear the driveway.

  • Promptly report any damage or maintenance issues to Nina at 734-306-8050.

  • I agree I have a permanent residence and this location is NOT a primary dwelling, but a temporary place to stay with full time access, so long as it works for both parties. I understand that I am not a tenant, and I am not liable to the property code of Michigan.

  • All unclaimed belongings will be discarded 30 days after leaving the crashpad.

  • I understand that termination may result by my failure to abide by the above listed expectations, and that non-compliance will forfeit any deposit refunds or payments already made.

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