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1) I have an existing permanent residence and agree to use this location NOT as a primary dwelling, but as a temporary place to stay with full time access, so long as it works for both parties. I understand that I am not a tenant, and I am not liable to the property code of Michigan.

(2) Unless otherwise specified by DTW Crashpad, I will NOT receive mail or packages at this residence. I understand that receiving mail without permission is grounds for termination and loss of deposit.

(3) I understand and agree to the rental rate as stated on my invoice, to be paid month to month, for the exclusive use of a private bed, inclusive of all utilities.

(4) I understand that the first invoice, MUST be paid in full prior to the start of my stay.

(5) If payment is not made by the 1st of the month, door access will be removed for the following month until payment is made and/or room can be subject to reassignment to another flight attendant. You will be asked to vacate the property and will no longer be permitted to reside at this dwelling for the following month, if not payment arrangements have not been made. 

(6) I will be respectful of others, and I will adhere to the quiet hours of 9PM-8AM.

(7) I understand that the Crashpad is a resting place between flights, and my belongings can NOT block any floor space other than under-bed storage. Aside from shelves, loose items MUST be contained within an aesthetically pleasing box, container or basket and MUST be labeled with my full name. I understand that unidentified items will be thrown out.  Additionally, I understand that neither management or the Crashpad are responsible for any lost or stolen items.

(8) I understand that this is NOT a hotel and I agree to clean up after myself in common areas (living space, kitchen, dining room, backyard & bathroom). I understand that if I leave an item in a common area and do not retrieve it from the lost & found box within 30 days, I provide permission for the item to be donated or discarded.

(9) I will NOT eat on the couch or store food of any kind within the bedrooms. This invites unwanted critters, in which damage becomes very expensive, and I understand that food left out in the open, food wrappers, or eating in the bedroom is strictly prohibited.

(10) I understand that I am expected to assist with trash. I understand that I am responsible for emptying trash receptacles, and that bags must be tied off (NO LOOSE TRASH ITEMS PLEASE) and placed in the designated trash area outside. Trash is picked up on [MONDAY] morning and needs to be placed onto the curb no earlier than 5PM the previous evening.

(11) I understand that NO overnight guests or pets are permitted inside the crash pad. Visiting hours are 10AM-9PM and should be for a limited time, to respect the other roommates. Visitors are NEVER to be left unaccompanied.

(12) Candles are NOT allowed and there should be no open flames inside the crash pad.

(13) I will not rearrange any of the existing furniture, nor will I change bed assignments, without Manager's permission.

(14) I commit that I will not flush anything down the toilet that is not toilet paper or human waste. Anything else could result in major plumbing issues and stop up all the toilets.

(15) I understand that termination may result of my failure to abide by the listed expectations, and that non-compliance will forfeit any deposit refunds or payments already made.

All belongs will be discarded, if not claimed 30 days after leaving crash pad.

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